04 May 2022

Daily reading is something I recommend for all ages. In this post I want to share my top 3 benefits of reading.

Benefit #1 - Exercises Your Mind

Your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and healthier it gets. Reading requires you to focus. It requires you to slow down and process information. If you're reading a fictional book, you have to visualise what is happening. All of this strengthens your mind.

Benefit #2 - Education

Books provide education. You can learn almost anything from applying what you read. Learn to run a business. Learn how to cook. Learn how to eat healthy. Reading allows you to learn from others. Read the right books and they can change your life.

Benefit #3 - Reduces Stress

Reducing stress is important for your health. Reading is an excellent activity to reduce stress because it shifts your attention into another world. It can also teach you techniques to better deal with life's challenges.

What Should You Read?

Whatever you like! Read about what interests you. Explore your curiosities. Read things that are related to your career. It only takes a few books to change your life.


Exercise your mind. Learn something new. Manage stress. These are my top 3 benefits of reading. Make sure you read things which interest you. Make time for it every day!