These splits look impressive, but did nothing for my kicks...


03 May 2022

Splits are a popular goal for martial artists. I can see the appeal - they look impressive, and you would think they would improve your kicks, right?

In my experience, this is wrong. There is one simple reason.

The SAID Principle

SAID stands for Specific Adaptation Imposed Demands. This means you get good at what you do. To get stronger, you must use heavy resistance. To get faster, you must have the intention of moving quickly. To get good at kicking, you must practise kicking. It's that simple.

Splits Are Different To Kicks

Splits are static. Kicks are dynamic. Whilst splits can help with your kicks, you'd be better off spending time on kicking. Kicking will build the right type of flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance.

Pulled Muscles & Flexibility

Most people believe pulled muscles happen when we overstretch. This can happen, but more often muscles pull when they are over fatigued. Instead of stretching, spend more time kicking. Build the strength and endurance to kick.

A Simple Plan

Pick your essential kicks, and drill them for reps. Start off low and build the height. Throw them with speed and power once you have warmed up. Listen to your body and know when your muscles need to rest.

Example Workout

Perform this kick circuit - 10 reps each side, 2 rounds:

  • Front Kick

  • Side Kick

  • Round Kick

  • Axe Kick

  • Hook Kick

Keep it simple. Keep kicking!