30 April 2022

90% of diets fail because they are too complicated and restrictive. This plan has been designed to simplify. It focuses on two principles: Nutrients & Energy Balance

Principle #1: Nutrients

To function optimally, your body needs a combination of nutrients found in food:

  • Protein - for growth and repair

  • Carbohydrates - for energy

  • Fats - for nutrient absorption and energy

  • Vitamins & Minerals - for normal cell function

  • Water - for hydration and metabolic processes

The Plate Method can be used to ensure you get a balance of nutrients. For each each meal, split your plate into thirds:

  • Protein - meat, fish, chicken, eggs

  • Carbs - potatoes, rice, pasta, bread

  • Vegetables

Drink a large glass of water with each main meal to ensure you are fully hydrated. If you want to snack in between, try to pick fruit, nuts, yogurt or soup. You can include a few 'unhealthy' snacks each week, as long as the majority of your diet is made up of nutritious food.

Principle #2: Energy Balance

Burn more energy than you consume and you will lose weight. Consume more than you burn and you will gain weight. Balance burning and consumption and you will maintain weight. That is energy balance.

To alter your weight, track it once per week and aim for a 1-2lb gain/loss. Adjust your diet and physical activity according to the results you are getting.


Understand nutrients and energy balance and you will never follow a fad diet again.