27 April 2022

After reading Mental Fitness, I decided to read another book by Ant Middleton. It's called 'The Fear Bubble'.

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Idea #1: Fear Is Necessary

Without fear there is no growth. Without growth there is no life. You must learn to harness fear or it will control your life. It will stop you doing the things you know you can do. It will stop you from living the life you want to live.

Idea #2: The Fear Bubble

Scary things should be placed within an imaginary bubble. When you are outside the bubble, you have no reason to be afraid. Reduce your fears to seconds or minutes, not days, months or years. See the fear and choose when to jump in. If you're not ready, that's ok. Try again or attack a different bubble. Bursting bubbles becomes exhilarating.

Idea #3: Bubbles = Opportunities

Burst a bubble and you will unlock new opportunities. You won't know what these opportunities are until you do the thing you are afraid of. You will grow in confidence as you burst more bubbles.

Idea #4: Ego vs. Pride

Ego-driven individuals do things to impress others. They find failure crippling. Pride-driven individuals do things to impress themselves. They understand failure is a teacher that moves them closer to success.

Idea #5: Responsibility

You are responsible for your life. Accept where you are and understand where you want to go. Focus on improving yourself every day. Small wins add up to big results.


Fear is necessary for growth. The Fear Bubble method can be used to manage fear. Every bubble burst opens a new opportunity. Do things to impress yourself, not other people. Take responsibility and focus on small daily wins.

If you're watching this on YouTube, I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know your favourite idea from the book. Thanks and I'll speak to you soon!